Torsten Zwingenberger 4tet: Best Boost (CD)

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With the New Orleans Shakers, drummer Torsten Zwingenberger proves once again that he is at home in many varieties of jazz. He founded this band with Thomas l'Etienne (cl, ts, voc) in 1976 before turning to other projects after three years. Pieces from the golden age of jazz were on the program, pieces where emotion and memorable simplicity reigned supreme. A coincidence brought the band back together in 2009 after a 30-year break. In the sense of the juicy, erotic connotations of early jazz, the mischievous clarinettist Thomas l'Etienne knows that jazz is only authentic when it is played with the right sleazy factor. In this sense, he abandons jazz academism and showing off notes and immerses himself in sensuality full of melodies. There's a bit of wickedness as the band mixes elements of old New Orleans jazz and various styles from the Caribbean in a skilful crossover.

The New Orleans Shakers are: Torsten Zwingenberger (dr), Thomas l'Etienne (cl, ts, voc), Lorenz Boesche (p, voc), Franz Blumenthal (b)


01 Black Benny (4:52

02 Betsy (6:30

03 I’m Crazy ´Bout My Baby (3:33)

04 Receita De Samba (4:40)

05 Saudade Da Bahia (4:08)

06 Down In Honky Tonk Town (4:40)

07 But Beautiful (5:03)

08 All God’s Chillun Got Rhythm (3:53)

09 Steam Train Drum Solo (3:38)

10 Sentimental Journey (3:39)

11 The Sitting Bull At Rupert Bay (3:45)

12 My Monday Date (3:57)

13 Burgundy Street Blues (4:49)

Total length: 57:34