Lorenz Kellhuber Trio: Low Intervention (Vinyl LP, 180g, black, limited edition)

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With Felix Henkelhausen on the double bass, one of the greatest talents in the European jazz scene, and Moritz Baumgärtner, one of the most versatile and innovative drummers of recent years, Lorenz Kellhuber formed “one of the best German piano trios” (Audio) in 2018. Together they celebrate the fusion of three musical souls at the highest level, “an ebb and flow of interplay, monologues, duos and trios whose brilliance you cannot escape. A bandleader and pianist, very idiosyncratic, unconventional and full of ideas, with two congenial partners” (Jazzpodium).

After the two recordings “Samadhi” (2019) and “About:Blank” (2020), “Low Intervention” is now the trio's third release (and the tenth by Lorenz Kellhuber under his own name). The album was recorded in June 2023 using the direct-to-disc process at the Emil Berliner Studios in Berlin and will be released in a limited, numbered edition of just 300 copies.


Side A
Part I (21:57)
Side B
Part II (20:08)