Lorenz Kellhuber: Contemporary Chamber Music (CD)

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Classical Music is firmly anchored in his DNA, Jazz taught him to stand on his own two feet – and in free improvisation Lorenz Kellhuber repeatedly finds the limitless fulfillment of his musical vision, a Contemporary Chamber Music.

With this Contemporary Chamber Music, Kellhuber has created a space of possibilities in which his entire musical cosmos can evolve and condense into an individual language: free improvisations in an intensity and focus peculiar to Chamber Music, which take up the aesthetics of Classical Music as well as influences from Jazz and New Music.

01 Part I (5:58)
02 Part II (3:15)
03 Part III (5:00)
04 Part IV (4:08)
05 Part V (2:51)
06 Part VI (9:42)
07 Part VII (3:32)
08 Part VIII (4:39)
09 Part IX (4:38)
10 Part X (2:34)
Total length: 46:17