Iwan Tanzil: Plays Terzi, Giuliani, Rodrigo, Koshkin (CD)

Iwan Tanzil: Plays Terzi, Giuliani, Rodrigo, Koshkin (CD)

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Guitar pieces from Benvenuto Terzi, Mauro Giuliani, Jacquin Rodrigo und die Suite "The Prince Toys" von Nikita Koshkin, played by Iwan Tanzil.

Iwan Tanzil was born in Jakarta, Indonesia in 1963. In 1977 he started to play the guitar. From 1983 on he studied in the "Hochschule der Künste", Berlin in Germany with Maria Angeles Benimeli and professor Martin Rennert and graduated in 1988 with honor. During his studies he took classes from different masters as Javier Hinojosa, Vladimir Mikulka, Roberto Aussel and Angelo Gilardino. In 1989 he won the first price in Milano, Italy for the International Guitar Players Competition.


01 Carillon (01:38)
Le Rossiniane (16:38)
Nevicata (Pastorale) (04:58)
Invocation et Danse (07:55)
Suite: The Prince´s Toys (27:05)