Beto & Kara: Rise in Love (CD)

Beto & Kara: Rise in Love (CD)

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"Rise in Love" is the second release by Beto & Kara on AH Records. After their successful debut album "Crystal Flakes", the Brazilian composer, guitarist and singer, Roberto Pereira (Beto), and the American singer and songwriter, Kara Johnstad, took a creative break to gather ideas out of their travels. The result is an inspiration for an American-Brazilian-German love affair. With keyboardist, producer and composer, Andreas Hommelsheim, Beto & Kara transfer their ideas into a musical love triangle, complemented by superb musicians such as Ernie Watts (USA), Daniel Topo Gioia (ARG), Giorgio Grobu (ITA), Antonio Paulo Dias (BRA), Fernando Pinto Pereira (BRA), Lutz Halfter (GER) and Guilherme Gastro (BRA). "Rise in Love" is an absolute gem for music lovers of true Brazilian music. Kara's great voice, Beto's extraordinary compositions and the colorful arrangements by Andreas Hommelsheim - a great combination.


01 One In A Million (03:46)
Rise In Love (04:26)
We Fly (04:15)
Into Light (03:34)
Jesus (04:29)
06 Melody (03:52)
07 Samba Kneipe (04:02)
08 Zen (04:09)
09 Your Eyes (03:26)
10 Rain (03:13)