Torsten Zwingenberger 4tet: Best Boost (Vinyl LP, 180g, schwarz)

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Three generations of musicians meet here to swing passionately. Together with saxophonist Patrick Braun, pianist Kenneth Berkel and bassist Carmelo Leotta, drummer Torsten Zwingenberger forms his latest project.

“Best Boost” is the name of the energetic debut of the band, who played their first joint concerts in early 2020. From Hard Bop to Cool & Soul Jazz to Brazilian Choro, the quartet celebrates the motto of Blue Note founder Alfred Lion on his 13-piece album in a multifaceted way and with a lot of joy in playing: It must swing.

For Torsten Zwingenberger, the collaboration with Patrick Braun also means a link to earlier projects with well-known saxophonists such as Buddy Tate (Count Basie Big Band) or Plas Johnson (“Pink Panther” Theme). In addition, with his quartet he builds a musical bridge between his traditional jazz band “New Orleans Shakers” and his modern jazz crossover trio “Berlin 21”.

On the occasion of Torsten Zwingenberger's 50th (!) anniversary on stage, the album will also be available on vinyl from January 2023.


Side A

01 1 A.M. Blues (4:13)

02 Never Lie (5:35)

03 Love For Sale (5:09)

04 Perfection (6:32)

05 Inspiration (3:14)

Side B

06 The Best Boost (3:24)

07 Um Chorinho Em Cochabamba (4:37)

08 Why Not (5:31)

09 Listening (5:31)

10 Honky Tonk (5:59)

Total length: 49:53