Rob Longstaff: Boogaloo

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Rob Longstaff doesn't stay in one place for long - and musically he also feels at home on a wide variety of terrains. For him, it's not about crossing borders. It's in his nature not to commit himself, but to let flow into his music

what is on his mind. The result is songs with humorous to socially critical lyrics and catchy melodies, somewhere between pop, soul, blues and reggae, which he conveys into the microphone with incredible ease. It is his powerful, sensitive voice and his pulsating, sometimes percussive acoustic guitar playing that make him a one-man groove machine.

Rob Longstaff is a true musician, globetrotter and adventurer. He hitchhiked through three continents, visited Indian and African orphanages and hospitals, ventured into Antarctica and rode from Berlin via China to Australia by bike, train and boat. In the summer of 2012, the singer/songwriter, who was convinced by the idea of ​​slow travel, took a solar boat to tour Germany for his album “Boogaloo” before setting off on a trip through the USA in 2014 with a solar-powered electric trike specially made for him. At the same time, the New Zealand-born and Australian-born Berliner by choice experimented with the Tiny House and Zero Waste Food Movement.


01 This One's Not For You (2:42)
02 Chimney Head (2:23)
03 The Sister Song (1:51)
04 French Kisses (3:12)
05 Strangers (3:16)
06 The Birds Are Hungry (3:29)
07 Number Through The Wash (2:59)
08 High Horse Low Pony (3:00)
09 Boogaloo (2:04)
10 Boomerang (3:23)
11 Time Has Taken Me (2:35)
12 Change (2:33)

Total length: 32:19

Release date: 03/18/11