Lorenz Kellhuber Trio: Samadhi (CD)

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Lorenz Kellhuber's new trio album with Felix Henkelhausen on bass and Moritz Baumgaertner on drums. Recorded live at Stadttheater Regensburg, "Samadhi" celebrates the merger of three musical souls at the highest level.Kellhuber, Henkelhausen and Baumgärtner improvise from the first to the last second. Sometimes meditatively, sometimes explosively, together they find an immense density and communication that create an almost magical mood and transport the listener into a state of mind that goes beyond waking and dreaming.


01 Samadhi I (08:52)
Samadhi II (51:30 )
Samadhi III (04:25)

Total length: 64:47

Release Date: 06/12/19