La Mezcla: Movimiento (CD)

La Mezcla: Movimiento (CD)

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Mezcla is an expression for two diverse cultures mutually influencing each other through the music. It is a project which was created by Latin American and German artists living in Berlin who bring new life to the language, the concepts, and the music. They allow rhythms, structures, and sounds of the German and Latin American cultures to flow into their music: mixing the natural sounds of the zampona, charango, kongas, as well as other native instruments, with those of the classical piano and then going one step further to join these with the modern sounds of synthesizers and of electric guitar.


01 Tren de los Andes (05:32)
Hermana de la Gaviotas (03:20)
Libertad sin Suenos (05:21)
Bahia en Sol (07:47)
Movimiento (04:10)
06 No te Salves (04:22)
07 Atrevete (04:31)
08 Cueca Mezclada (04:04)
09 Mande Mandela (04:41)
10 Valdivia (05:42)