Hub Hildenbrand: Mater (CD)

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For the guitarist and composer Hub Hildenbrand, music is essentially spiritual. It creates a space that eludes the faculties of the rational mind. This is particularly evident in improvisation. If you play alone, it is like having a dialogue with the void. You question, seek and listen attentively, like in a prayer.

To explore this space in a deeper way, that was what Hub wanted when he was drawn to the seclusion of a Uckermark country church to record his new album “MATER”. In five days, he created improvised meditations out of pure intuition over the idea of ​​emptiness as a symbolic placeholder for the divine.

"What the musician gets out of his old Gibson archtop is close to magic”
(Akustik Gitarre)
“This is a fine guitar album that sneaks into the soul without great virtuoso magic”


01 Mater, Exposition: I. Invocation (1:36)
02 Mater, Exposition: II. Preamble (0:17)
03 Mater, 1st Movement: III. Procession (3:30)
04 Mater, 1st Movement: IV. Proclamation (3:20)
05 Mater, 1st Movement: V. Silence (0:37)
06 Mater, 1st Movement: VI. Communion (5:57)
07 Mater, 2nd Movement: VII. Procession (1:54)
08 Mater, 2nd Movement: VIII. Dialogue (1:44)
09 Mater, 2nd Movement: IX. Proclamation (1:22)
10 Mater, 2nd Movement: X. Communion (1:22)
11 Mater, 2nd Movement: XI. Silence (4:01)
12 Mater, 2nd Movement: XII. Gnosis (1:18)
13 Mater, 2nd Movement: XIII. Communion (2:50)
14 Mater, 2nd Movement: XIV. Isolation (4:56)
15 Mater, 2nd Movement: XV. Gnosis (2:11)
16 Mater, 3rd Movement: XVI. Procession (3:07)
17 Mater, 3rd Movement: XVII. Gnosis (2:53)
18 Mater, 3rd Movement: XVIII. Release (1:31)

Total length: 44:29