Gene Caberra: Patchwork (CD)

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Few artists manage to transcend genre boundaries so naturally and create such an independent sound as Gene Caberra. Already with his debut EP “Attic Tape”, the Berlin-based singer and guitarist impressed in terms of sound and songwriting. Together with his two bandmates René Flächsenhaar on bass and Mathias Uredat on drums he goes a big step further and mixes Blues, Rock and Pop with R&B, Neo Soul, Lofi and Reggae on an international level.

"If you're in the mood for bold blues-funk-soul-lo-fi-pop with all sorts of other influences, this is a must-listen." (Guitar 6/2022)

"Funky, groovy, casual and technically at the top." (

"It's almost unbelievable what Gene is able to do and how his band can accompany him throughout. Above all, it's one thing: a lot of fun." (


01 Hit Me (3:16)

02 Oh Jana (3:27)

03 Come Around (3:37)

04 Don't Know Why (4:26)

05 Dance Tonight (3:00)

06 Raindrops (4:15)

07 Leave This World Behind (4:04)

08 Bad Thoughts (4:21)

09 Money Is King (3:28)

10 When You're Gone (3:57)