Berlin 21: Three! (CD)

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Naming their new album “Three!” has two reasons for BERLIN 21. On the one hand, it is the band’s third album, and on the other, it is the first that they recorded not as a quartet but as a trio.

Musically it takes an extremely varied trip around the world, on which we encounter Latin and Afro grooves as well as Funk and Soul beats. Swinging Bebop, dreamy Jazz ballads and a Musette Waltz are just some of the stops the band makes on “Three!”. Their companion is always the Blues, a basic pillar of Jazz, a leitmotif that keeps flashing in different facets.

Musicians: Torsten Zwingenberger (dr), Lionel Haas (p), Martin Lillich (b)


01 Ruffle Shuffle (6:12)
02 Natasha's Dance (4:17)
03 Nice Day (3:39)
04 You Know What (3:53)
05 Crowning Moments (3:10)
06 Entrance (Piano Introduction) (1:25)
07 The Room (4:38)
08 Povo Nuevo (5:10)
09 New Ordeals (6:26)
10 Sing And Dance (4:49)
11 Courting (Bass Introduction) (1:24)
12 Wedding Waltz (4:40)
13 Kayesa Inn (5:48)
14 Diver City (3:46)
15 Bright Ride (3:58)
16 Zimbaterranean Homesick Blues (6:35)

Release date: 08/10/21