B3: Get Up! Live At The A-Trane (CD)

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Having released two studio albums, „Get up! Live at the A-Trane“ is the first live album of the Fusion quartet “b3”. The Berlin-based musicians present themselves in one of Germany’s most renowned jazz clubs having a lot of fun playing and combining elements from Jazz, Rock, Funk and Blues with skills and virtuosity. The special thing about is that the band plays almost exclusively new songs! In this way “Get Up! Live at the A-Trane” is not a usual live record but a unique snap-shot of previously unreleased songs!

Musicians: Andreas Hommelsheim (keys), Ron Spielman (voc, g), Christian Krauss (b), Lutz Halfter (dr)


01 Let The Good Times Flow (6:46)
02 Get Up! (4:47)
03 Shir's Dream (4:29)
04 Stainless Steel Shuffle (4:12)
Tired Caravan (8:33)
06 Letter To Sydney (5:54)
07 Why Do You Lie (5:02)
08 My Day My Jazz (7:37)
09 Blues Etude (8:08)
10 Moonlight Drizzle (4:16)

Total length: 59:44

Release Date: 10.11.17