55 Fifty Five: Live in Berlin (DVD/2CD)

55 Fifty Five: Live in Berlin (DVD/2CD)

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Berlin-based 12-piece band 55 Fifty Five play a mixture of blues, rock, soul and jazz, with catchy melodies and choruses. Most of the songs were composed by Andreas Hommelsheim, who, as musical director of the German version of countless famous film productions, received, among others, the Golden Record for “The Lion King”.

Musicians: Henrik “Ille” Ilgner (voc), Andreas Hommelsheim (bl, keys), Torsten “Todd” Wagner (g), Simon Pauli (bass), Lutz Halfter (dr), Corie Townsend (backing vox) Therese Pitt (backing vox), Tina Hänsch (backing vox), Gerald Meier (tb), Frank “Fratsch” Fritsch (as, ts, bars), David “Skip” Reinhard (tr), Jarek Jeziorowski (ts)


CD 1:

01. I Am Crazy
02. Ron's Song
03. Why Do You Cry
04. Blue Smoke
05. Los Angeles
06. So Lazy
07. Shemesh
08. Mellow

CD 2:

01. The Way You're Movin'
02. Life Isn't That Hard
03. Sweet Little Sixteen
04. Do You Really Wanna Know
05. Fly Away
06. 55 Shuffle
07. Forever
08. Happy Happy Happy Birthday