Cock Robin: Songs From A Bell Tower (2CD)

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Cock Robin: Songs From A Belltower. Double CD (CD 1: new songs, CD2: live incl. famous hits)

Widely known in Europe as one of THE cult bands of the 80's Cock Robin was often portrayed to be the American version of Duran Duran. Today they are remembered simply as one of the big hit makers in general. But that’s not at all where it has stopped for Cock Robin! After their 1990 split came the highly successful reunion in 2006 equipped with a new album and tour. In 2009 it was yet another album, “Live”, to say thank you to their fans for the heartfelt welcome back.

With hits such as “The Promise You Made” and “When Your Heart Is Weak” Cock Robin quickly took over pop hearts in Germany, France and the Netherlands in particular. With memorable melodies and smart arrangements the two protagonists have garnered this mass appeal effortlessly. Peter Kingsbery, the talented singer-songwriter and his female counterpart Anna LaCazio on vocals guarantee pop music at its finest.

And soon enough this is bound to happen again! Devoted fans and connoisseurs of Cock Robin have many reasons to get excited for brand new material by the band in addition to their old mega hits. In the Spring of 2011 the band’s long awaited new album “Songs From A Bell Tower” has been released at Blackbird Music.


Tracklist CD 1:

01. Now and then
02. Part of your tribe
03. A natural affair
04. Grand
05. Extraordinary thing
06. Checkered past
07. Inside our cage
08. Janice
09. Caught in your stream
10. Songs from a bell tower
11. Ligne de chance


Tracklist CD 2:

01. Grand (Radio Edit)
02. I'll send them your way
03. After all's said and done
04. When your heart is weak
05. Because it keeps on working
06. For experience sake
07. Superhuman
08. Hunting down a killer
09. Worlds apart
10. I don't want to save the world
11. Thought you were on my side
12. The promise you made
13. For dear life
14. Open book

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