Lorenz Kellhuber Trio: people and their oppositions

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Signed by Lorenz Kellhuber!

The debut of the Jazz trio of the young exceptional pianist Lorenz Kellhuber.

For those who are into sound aesthetics and creative jazz, there is no way to get past him. His perfect play and his individual style are touchy and captivating at the same time. We're happy that Lorenz Kellhuber is now a part of the Blackbird family and that he'll release several CDs with us. First strike: a live recording show of the Lorenz Kellhuber Trio on August 5th, 2012, at the A-Trane in Berlin, which will be published on CD in March 2013.

Within the trio he's supported by bassist Arne Huber who is a sideman of Terrell Stafford, Julian Arguelles and Johannes Enders, and drummer Gabriel Amadeus Hahn who made his name through his unconventional playing style.


Live-Video of the trio at the Berlin 55 Arts Club:









01. Everything I love
02. Stay
03. From street to street
04. Lea
05. Goodbye
06. One
07. Second
08. People and their oppositions
09. Dedication

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