Lorenz Kellhuber Trio: State Of Mind (CD)

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Lorenz Kellhuber's new trio album.

“State of Mind” is the name of the new Lorenz Kellhuber Trio album. With its nine compelling and pulsating songs mastermind Lorenz presents himself again as one of the most interesting young contemporary artists within the jazz scene. His melodic inventions are concise and catchy. His harmonies are colorful. Within a frame of song-like structures his compositions are filled with this special liveliness that is so typical of jazz. His rhythm is boiling and driving, keeping the tension of his sophisticated compositions with intensity. The young eye on the material meets a technical precision that testifies to his artistic maturity.


01 State of Mind (4:21)
02 Mystic (4:44)
03 Rooting, Losing, Finding (7:10)
04 Light Appearance (4:14)
05 Consequences (6:48)
06 Heart Feel (5:43)
07 Sound Movement (3:08)
08 The Call (11:16)
09 Blues G (3:34)

Total length: 50:58

Release date: 05/22/15

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