Torsten Zwingenberger & Band: Meet Plas Johnson

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In June 1988 the Torsten Zwingenberger Band performed with Plas Johnson and the trumpet player Harry "Sweets" Edison on three big concerts in Germany. Shorttermed Plas Johnson substituted for the ill fallen Buddy Tate. From the outset the cooperation between him and the young European musicians worked to such a degree that they decided to go on a longer tour with him in March 1989. The present album resulted from this tour. Hereon the band around the Berlin drummer Torsten Zwingenberger is introducing itself for the first time with Boris Vanderlek (ts). Giorgio Crobu (g) and Kalli Gerhards (b) contributed already on the last production, with Harry "Sweets" Edison. Hot and bluesful mainstream swing sessions developed together with Plas Johnson. On this live studio recording the character of this sessions is documented.


1. Cooking At The Continental (03:49)
2. Easy Living (05:43)
3. Cute (04:57)
4. Nica's Dream (04:36)
5. Dolphin Street Blues (04:41)
6. Bottoms Up (05:05)
7. The Pendulum AtFalcon's Lair (02:57)
8. Lover Man (05:05)
9. Jungle (04:07)
10. When Lights Are Low (03:56)
11. St. Thomas (06:05)
12. Good Bait (04:39)

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