Lorenz Kellhuber Trio - Samadhi (CD)

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“One of the most interesting young voices in European jazz”, “a new star in the piano sky”, “daredevil”, “magician of the keys”. From the beginning Lorenz Kellhuber received rave reviews. He is considered an extraordinary instrumentalist, composer and improviser. However, the Munich-born and Berlin-based does not like to rest on these laurels. He consistently goes his own way, playing what he feels, not what is expected. “I do not compose anymore,” he is quoted once, and indeed Lorenz Kellhuber has dedicated himself entirely to the improvised play. His concerts are snapshots, unique sound experiences that demand everything from the listener and often put them in a trance.

So also his new trio album, which is also the first with Felix Henkelhausen (born 1995 in Oldenburg) on bass and Moritz Baumgaertner (born 1985 in Zurich) on drums. Recorded live at the Stadttheater Regensburg, "Samadhi" celebrates the merger of three musical souls at the highest level.Kellhuber, Henkelhausen and Baumgärtner improvise from the first to the last second. Sometimes meditatively, sometimes explosively, together they find an immense density and communication that create an almost magical mood and transport the listener into a state of mind that goes beyond waking and dreaming.



01  Samadhi I (08:52)

02  Samadhi II (51:30 )

03  Samadhi III (04:25)


Total length: 64:47

Release Date: 06/12/2019

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